Coming Together

And in the end God said, let there be Love, and there was Love, and kindled in-Love the Spirit of Light and the Spirit of Dark re-united and merged, once again, as One Together, for ever and ever. And out of the abundance such engendered in the Living Heart Resumed a new Earth arose, and there was Peace.


Rainbow Love =& !
from ... Trosslan!!! =>

shadows and light

All the things we're doing are bound to cast their shadows on our selves, our lifes, and hence on the World as a Whole, so for the Love of Christ: Let those shadows be Light!

Rainbow Love from Trosslan =)

happy and creative cooking

... ja fasans bananer, här gäller det att peppra på!

Rainbow Love and ... Happy Creative Cooking! =D
Tross =>

an astonishing occurence

The day the Dark Weaver and the Light Weaver met the strangest thing happened; bewildered they realized, both at the precise same time too, that they'd always loved one another!

Rainbow Love from yours truly!
Trosslan =>

Happy brushes!

Pensels and brushes that aren't cleansed rather shortly after having been used can get a little bit grumpy and reluctant, and hence somewhat difficult and demanding the next time you want to work with them, so therefore I'm thinking: "Why make them annoyed in this way if you can avoid it so easily?"

Rainbow Love from Trosslan! =>

två fina sånger!

Hi and hello!

Idag tänkte jag sjunga två sånger för dig!! Båda går till tonerna av gamla slagdängor, vi får se om du känner igen melodierna men det spelar egentligen inte så stor roll :D I alla fall, här är min första sång:

Ett, två tre ... "♪ Mörka kamp som mig renar, sista striden är här, ty Jesus på Koooorset åt alla lycka bär!♪ "
Ganska fin, eller hur?! =>


Och här är nästa sång: mmmm ... "♪ Och sen kommer våren och den läker såren, o'boy, o'boy, o'boy!!♪"
Man känner liksom hur noterna hoppar och dansar när man tar i och sjunger från hjärtat, visst gör man?! =D (*nickar*)

Lo and behold: Rainbow Love
from Trosslan!! =>


 Vi satt och funderade och kontemplerade idag, jag och E. Våra tankar vandrade över många och vidsträckta marker måste jag säga, en del hemskt, hemskt svåra, som till exempel varför människor dödar varann, just idag tänkte vi på Afrika speciellt, och vi tänkte på människors väldans stora behov av att spegla sig och hur svårt det är att få sin spegelbild rätt när allt man ser är hur man framstår på ytan liksom.

Ja på såna saker tänkte vi, på hur det onda och det goda fungerar på förunderligt lika sätt inom var och en som det gör mitt emellan människor liksom ... mmm ... det här med att ta hand om, och inte alls ta hand om. Till slut sa E: "Det är inte lätt", och tittade med fjärrskådande och bekymrad blick ut genom fönstret. "Neeej", sa jag fundersamt, och nickade eftertänksamt, "det är då verkligen inte lätt, det är nog så man kan sammanfatta det hela".

So, hmm, I think I better send my Rainbow Love to everyone, bad and good alike! 

Yours truly! =>
¤¤¤ !!Trosslan!! ¤¤¤

imse bitsy

Upp stiger solen torkar bort allt regn, Trossle Trossle Trassel tittar fram igen =>

Out came the sun and dried up all the rain, tiny tiny Trossle spouts happily again =>

Rainbow Love from Trosslan!
P.S. Did you try to say the word 'blog' 24.5 times in a row yesterday?! What do you hear?!! What?? Really? No, get out of here - when I say it that many times in a row I just hear something ... hmm ... funny! **  D.S.


If you say the word 'blog' 24.5 times in a row, what do you hear? You have to do it rather quickly otherwise it'll just be boring...

Today I will begin a new painting in my fav color green, in case you were wondering ^^
I told E just a few seconds ago that you never know what will happen, and that's horrible sometimes but at the very core of it it's wonderful - as in full of wonders - because if you embrace it you'll make space for The Living Heart!

Rainbow Love from Trosslan =>


I'm back! Have you missed me?!

I was just remembering that at first when I came to (re)enter her life (which I told you about yesterday) my precious and most curious E was a tiny bit reluctant to me and the whole thing. You know, not really believing in me, in my re-ality, in my being here. But I've known her since times of yore and so I knew it wouldn't take long before she embraced me in love with all of her peculiar heart. Mhhmm ... She didn't know this but she was waiting for me, of course she was!!, this is, after all, me we're talking about => Only, she didn't know it was ME she awaited! No, not even when I said in a voice load and clear: "Here I am! =>" she recollected me. Or ... that isn't *entirely* true because she *did* recognize me, she just didn't totally realize it herself at the time! **

Today I feel like singing! Sing, sing, sing! I think I'm gonna sing one of my fav songs to you, one I've made my self =>!! So, here goes: "When darkness is falling and Trossles get small, then you bring foorth the biiiiig bruuuuch!" ♥

Rainbow Love from Trosslan! =>

Here I am! =>

Hi! I'm Trosslan!

When I came the world was dark. Oh yes my friend, truly so: I turned up in a world spun by traces sticky with ancient horror and fear, an existence blinded by poisinous yarns tangled so tight to each other everything got sucked up in its fretful dark - everything, but the soul-suffocating grip of annihilation. Guided by the most beautiful and tinglingly soft, yet so vastly powerful notes of a requiem I found her in this toxic web; its slave and enamoured prisoner. But you know, it was like that dreadful darkness was so dense and so overwhelming it lost hold of itself and so, in the very midst of all its scary black, a void was created. A void moulded lovingly and gently, perhaps by the wonderful tunes of the death mass? Anyway, there, in this little gap, I could enter! And so I did - enter, I mean! Oh boy, we're both so tremendously thankful for that darkness now, E and me, because we belong together and without it  ... but, let's not think about that! Now we're back together, as one, so I'm thinking that darkness was really the brightest thing ever!

Well, enough about that for one day! I'm blogging because I want to share some tiny thoughts that poppes up in my little head every now and again. And today I'm thinking: One shall work with, not against.

Rainbow Love from Trosslan!

P.S. E calls me T, and I obviously call her E, so I guess together we're ... ET! =D

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